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The Path is a leading financial advisor making the bold statement to invest positively in people and planet alone. No fossil fuels, no deforestation. No tobacco, no arms. Just sound investment in the very best environmental and ethical innovators solving the world’s greatest issues.

I was tasked with writing content, from articles to award-entries (scoring an ESG Investor of the Year nomination). When a brand refresh was raised, I jumped in with a rebrand strategy deck.

The goal: to refocus from parochial to prestigious and professional; from radical green language to performance-driven ethical expertise: investing that does well by doing good.

I defined three brand pillars and created guidelines for a new verbal and visual identity. When a full rebrand was put on ice, I fired up tone of voice, information architecture and web pages.

I wrote with one big question in mind: how do you talk optimistically and inclusively to people about a subject climate change that is abstract and apocalyptic? How do you empower individuals to invest in a better future, for all?

The answer? Clear and confident messaging, stories of innovation, and statistics highlighting positive change.

With a tight turnaround, I created a simplified web structure and penned copy leading with performance and purpose.


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